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Malevolence - Tales from Beyond the Veil

A truly terrifying collection of ghost stories. Some traditional and some very, very different.

23 stories across 232 pages of wicked entertainment.

Paperback 203mm X 133mm. Normally £9.49

Publication Date 19th Oct 2014

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We have ghosts, murders, revenge, hauntings, the supernatural and lots of things that will chill your blood.

Edited by J Scott-Marryat and assistant editor Chris Penycate.

Availabe in paperback and ebook (Mobi or Epub.) 

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The authors include, many of which come from

Jo Zebedee, Damaris Browne, Aty Behsam, Christian Nash, Bob Lock, Chris Milne, John Brady, Joleen Kuyper, Ken O'Brien, Samanda R. Primeau, J Scott Marryat, Richard Kilner, Teresa Edgerton, Stephen Palmer, Susan Boulton, Tim James, Joseph Atkins, Toby Frost and Nathan Hystad.