The Spectral Book of Horror Stories 3: edited by Joseph Rubas Maximize

The Spectral Book of Horror Stories 3: edited by Joseph Rubas

The Spectral Book of Horror Stories 3: edited by Joseph Rubas.

Twenty two tales that will keep you up long past the midnight hour and will etch fear into your very being.

266 pages: limited edition, numbered hardback with dust-jacket.

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The storm went on for hours. I sped up, trying to outpace it. The thing that followed us, everywhere we went. I wasn't sure if it was a judgment, if God or somebody was trying to punish us for what we did. Or—and maybe this was worse—it was just like what my sister said, in her messages. About the world coming apart. - Lacey by David Wellington

The Gnasher vaulted over the chain-link fence and the Brute followed after, clearing the top rail in a single stride. Once in Penelope's backyard, the Gnasher pointed a too-long finger in her direction. -Penelope's Song by Samuel Marzioli

Chase had a dangling skull earring in his ear and a sterling ball in his lower lip. Maggie sported eyebrow arrows through her flesh, three earrings per ear, and out of sight, a ring in each nipple. Carpenter wasn't a fan of body piercings, but he had enough tattoos to cover a tabletop. A dragon raged up one arm, a floundering ship slipped under water on the other. Around his neck was tattooed barbed wire. On his chest flew an eagle, talons clawing at air. On his back was a woman on a tropical beach; she was nude and beautiful, seeming to undulate as he flexed his big muscles. -Disappearing in the Desert by Billie Sue Mosiman

Foreword: A Word on Fear by Joseph Rubas

Huenco Mundo (Hollow World) A poem by Dan Weatherer

Lacey – David Wellington

Portfolio – A. H. Day

Dysfunctional – William F. Nolan

Playthings – Eugene Johnson

Three Twilight Zone Variations on a High School Reunion – Lou Antonelli

Sins of the Father - Mark Allan Gunnells

Cotton Face – Dan Weatherer

Disappearing in the Desert – Billie Sue Mosiman

It Knocks – Paul Longmate

The Eyes Have It – Tim Major

Boat Trip – David A. Riley

And the Woman Loved Her Cats – S. L. Edwards

The Day the Leash Gave Way – Robert Clarke

The Door into Envy – Adrian Cole

Penelope’s Song – Samuel Marzioli

Government Work – Richard Farren Barber

Static – Dave-Brendon de Burgh

“Grave ‘Neath a Willow” – Alexander G. Tozzi

Trigger Fate – Lisa Morton

Coulrophilia by Jason V Brock

Beyond the Grave – Alex Marco