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Whirling World edited by Dean M Drinkel (Mobi ebook_


Welcome To The Whirling World…

…stories that push boundaries, stories that entwine flesh and machinery, stories of twisted bodies and enhanced beauty, stories that disturb, challenge, infuriate, horrify.

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Life On The Production LinebySteve Byrne

The factory stands forgotten. Seemingly derelict. But its façade hides a terrible secret.

Mass ProductionbyDaniel I. Russell

The stench of the city…the stench of the factory…the grey fibre of the tiles, swollen with long dried moisture, lay in broken pieces on the floor…a horrific industrial landscape beckons.

FootstepsbyCarol Stokes

Jake and his friends are trapped in Wolverton. All the factories are shut, no prospects, no future. But nature abhors a vacuum...

The End Of The World As Seen By The Angel GabrielbyDean M. Drinkel

They invite the human to live with them in their home…the lunatics have finally taken control of the asylum and now the asylum wants to fight back.

Cracked ConcretebyBryn Fortey

What terrors link an occupied semi-detached and an abandoned warehouse?

The Eyes Have ItbyRussell Proctor

His first night working as an organist and Luke is learning fast. Maybe too fast.

The Looking GlassbyAnthony Crowley

World Heroes Day approaches – Tommy and Esther about to break the rules, just as a menace is unleashed…perhaps only Professor Stuart has the answers everyone needs.

Maid Of Metalby Dave Jeffery

A woman abused by science exacts a terrible revenge on those who made her

The FallbyTim Dry

“Jimmy? JIMMY? You’re scaring me now, honey! What IS it? What’s the matter? What are you seeing? What are you saying? Please, Jimbo. Talk to Mom. I love you!”

Victim(e)byEmile-Louis Tomas Jouvet

There is no escaping the fact that Thomas and Vincent are connected but by how much, Carole is about to discover…

With a foreword by Siobhan Marshall-Jones.

…The Whirling World awaits !!!!