Goblin Moon - Mask and Dagger I (Hardback) - Signed - Limited Edition. Maximize

Goblin Moon - Mask and Dagger I (Hardback) - Limited Edition.

When the Goblin Moon rises:

Coffins float down the river, alchemists seek to turn mandrakes into men, the gentlemen scoundrels known as the Knights of Mezztopholeez practice bloody rituals as vicious as they are depraved.

402 pages. Paperback 203mm X 133mm with dust-jacket

Published 5th November 2014


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"Coffins float down the river, hobgoblins emerge from their dens, alchemists pore over ancient texts in search of the secret of creating life, and one man fights a secret battle against cruelty and injustice, with wit, ingenuity, and a lethal lack of compunction.

Gunpowder & Alchemy supersedes Sword & Sorcery in this swashbuckling tale of sorcery, witchcraft, mesmerism, animal magnetism, disguises, revenges, secret societies, and secret identities."

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The second book in the duology is "Hobgoblin Night." Published Autumn 2014 from Tickety Boo Pree Ltd.

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Teresa Edgerton is the author of 11 books and she lives in California. The multi-published author now spends her time as a development editor and is also working on her latest book.

Praise for Goblin Moon:

"Teresa has the bold vision that makes epics, but never loses sight of the details where the true stuff of magic lies." - Tad Williams