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Oracle by Susan Boulton

Susan has the unusual distinction of arriving into this world  200 yards from where, 37 years before, Tolkien spent time thinking about hobbits. Perhaps that explains her love for, and interest in, the genre. 

Married with two grown up daughters, Oracle, a gaslight Fantasy, is her first novel.

Paperback 203mm x 133mm

Published 31st March  2015


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"Pugh Avinguard is a career militia officer and has been ordered to protect a member of Timeholm’s High Forum, one Joshua Calvinward. Train crashes, riots and a terrorist shooting at the High Forum building all threaten to plunge the country into chaos. But it is the scheming of a small religious order, “The Inner Ring,” that brings Pugh’s past crashing into his present, with tumultuous repercussions.

At the centre of the maelstrom engulfing Pugh, is Oracle. A person turned into an “it”, a Glimpser, but who was once Pugh’s wife."