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Hoblin Night - Mask and Dagger II

In the capital cities of Euterpe, elegent men and women lead decadent lives, but across the Atlantic ocean in the New World, gnomes, dwarves, and men are industriously exploring the realms of Science, Philosophie and Magic...

328 pages. Paperback 203mm X 133mm


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"The Gnome's Engine," sequel to "Goblin Moon," returns us to the pseudo-18th century world where "Enlightenment" beliefs hold sway, and "magic" is magnetics. Sera, Eliste and Jed have gone to New Imbria to escape the Duchess, little realising that another adventure has just begun. Incorporating some dangling threads (that due to her tight writing did not seem to dangle) from its predecessor, "The Gnome's Engine" takes the reader through several separate plots: the Duchess' revenge, the slave trade in Orania, the mystery of the hobgoblins, and of course the mystery of the engine itself. The tone of the work varies slightly from "Goblin Moon" in its freshness, apropos to the freshness of New Imbria (the Americas). Readers will be glad to see the dashing cavalier Lord Francis Love Skelbrooke in full flair as well - and may even learn the true colour of his hair! All in all an excellent sequel from an excellent author."

"Ms Edgerton is skillful in exposing the adaptable abilities of Sera, her cousin, her friend and Francis Skelbrooke. Sera and her traveling companions have found new work and new lives while waiting for elusive word from Francis Skelbrooke. Lord Skelbrooke in turn has his undercover duties to complete before he is free to join the others in their new land. Luckily for Sera and her 2 traveling friends Lord Skelbrooke has found them before the Duchess and her accomplices are able to close in. The various plots twisting here and there only season the finale until you feel you are a part of this wonderful adventure."

"This is that rare thing, a sequel that is better than than the first book. More tightly plotted, with a faster pace, I stayed up all night to finish it.I am just sorry there is not a another book to follow, I would follow the exploits of these wonderful characters wherever they go. A must read."


The second book in the duology is "Hobgoblin Night." Published 2015 from Tickety Boo Pree Ltd.

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Teresa Edgerton is the author of 11 books and she lives in California. The multi-published author now spends her time as a development editor and is also working on her latest book.

Praise for Goblin Moon:

"Teresa has the bold vision that makes epics, but never loses sight of the details where the true stuff of magic lies." - Tad Williams