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Endeavour by Ralph Kern with Free Ebook)

Since we first looked at the stars, there has been a silence, no signs of alien life, no one who has tried to speak to us, a mystery that a long dead scientist called the Fermi Paradox.

‘Where are they?’

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In 2118, the first daring mission to another star, Tau Ceti, twelve light years away is launched. Tom Hites and Harry Cosgrove command the Starship Endeavour on an epic journey to solve the Fermi Paradox. From the first, nearly disastrous steps on a distant world, their quest takes them further than they ever imagined. Out amidst the mysterious long abandoned worlds and ancient relics they discover, some strange, some wonderful and some deadly, that question they seek to answer becomes:
‘Where are they now?’

Here is what readers have to say:

‘Excellent wide ranging expansion of how we could expand through the galaxy to answer the big question! Where is everyone? Excellent read. Well written and lasting images of galactic evolution.’
Earl Stevens PhD

‘Probably the best Sci-Fi I have read since Childhood's End. I like Sci-Fi that takes humanity from the present to the far future and explores the consequences of technology on the human race.’
Roderick L. Pommier

‘This book is all you can ask for in a science fiction novel: adventure, exploration, morals of first contact, community, and empathy of knowledge.’
Marcos Flores

‘Great novel, achieves a near perfect balance of realism and engaging story that is hard to find, even in the hard sci-fi genre.’
Dan Kresha

‘This has instantly become one of my favorite sci fi books. It puts an intriguing and fascinating story into place using some of the current questions and theories about the universe, space travel and life outside our solar system. ‘
Scott Borth