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After Midnight by Joseph Rubas


Enter Joseph Rubas' world of darkness and fear, a dim, shadowy netherworld just beyond the veil, just past the threshold, just "After Midnight."

21 stories.


230 pages. Paperback 203mm X 133mm


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Twenty-one tales of terror, crime, and the supernatural.

The master of horror, Wilum H Pugmire said of After Midnight. "One thing I want in weird fiction is that it be freaking weird. In this regard, Joseph Rubas succeeds brilliantly. From the night city of Vegas to the haunt of resurrected poets, AFTER MIDNIGHT leads us to those regions of the Outsider in stories one will not easily forget."

Edited by J Scott-Marryat and assistant editor Chris Penycate.

Also availabe in paperback and ebook (Mobi or Epub.)

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Stories included:

The Diary of Dan Cooper, Song of the Night, Krazy 4 Koontz, My City, Last Rites,The Place, Grandpa, Attack of the Sasquatch, Only Sleeping, For Love, The Roomer, ‘81, Artie’s Last Show, The Poe Toaster, On the Brink, The Dark Works of Justin Delacroix,An Island Christmas, Tommy Woodell Faces the Amazon, The Men Who Raised the Dead,Mistakes, Old Stony Bridge, Death Row and last but not least Family Reunion.