The Adventures of Sir Edric (Rumpy-Pumpy Chronicles) Limited, signed Hardback. Maximize

The Adventures of Sir Edric (A Hero of Hornska Book) Limited, signed Hardback.

A limited, signed hardback

284 pages

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Published 1st April 2016

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Two fabulous adventures.
Sir Edric's Temple:
When Sir Edric Greenlock, the Hero of Hornska, is summoned to attend the King in the dead of night he fears imminent execution. The King, however, has something else in mind. Priceless royal seals have been stolen, and the King dispatches Sir Edric to retrieve 
them in a mission that could optimistically be described as suicidal. 
Along the way he'll battle rockheaded golems, terrible sorcery and the Ursk: a race of brutal slavers who consider humans to be a sort of edible currency. 
Accompanied by his pathologically loyal manservant Dog, the prudish elf Lysandra, and a man called Colin, he must travel to the Unholy Temple to retrieve the royal seals from a mysterious thief.
Sir Edric' Treasure:
It isn't always nice to be wanted, as Sir Edric discovers when an enormous bounty on his head attracts bounty hunters to him like dung attracts flies. To escape near certain capture, he embarks on a daring quest to pay off his bounty by winning the inheritance of the dying, and obscenely wealthy, Archibald Thrift. 
Accompanied by his trusty manservant Dog, Raella the librarian and Belinda, a ten foot nun, he must find the Eye of Wisdom to win Archie's wealth. But he'll need all his cunning to best his rivals for Archie's legacy, and the bounty hunters won't give up their prey easily...