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Four fantastic hardback books in the horror by some of the icons in the genre. Darker Terrors, Death's Sweet Echo and Ghosts are all signed by editors/and or authors.

Includes the third volume of the Spectral Book of Horror Stories.

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Between 1995 and 2002, Dark Terrors: The Gollancz Book of Horror was Britain's premier non-themed anthology of original horror stories. 

Over six volumes, it published some of the biggest names in the field as well as many newcomers who have gone on to forge impressive careers in the genre. 

Edited by the World Fantasy Award-winning team of Stephen Jones and David A. Sutton, Dark Terrors established itself as a cutting-edge market for some of the most literary and disturbing fiction being produced on both sides of the Atlantic, winning the British Fantasy Award and the International Horror Guild Award in the process. 

Now Darker Terrors collects together nineteen of the most memorable stories from the original books in a new volume, which also includes reminiscences by both the editors plus an exclusive Index detailing the authors and their work that were included in the legendary anthology series. For fans of superior horror things just got darker...


There is a scratching at the door, but surely no-one is there. The house is empty, so the footsteps on the stairs must be in my imagination. The way that shadow just moved, like breathing, must be a trick of the light. 

In thirteen new ghost stories and strange tales Maynard & Sims prove they are masters of subtle unease, shifting from reality to distorted nightmares with a few deft words, creating an atmosphere of dread with superb characterisation, pacing and plotting. 

“Maynard Sims’ work is superbly detailed, and very well written.” British Fantasy Society. 

“I wish Maynard & Sims were more prolific short story writers, because every collection they publish is a veritable feast for dark fiction lovers.” Mario Guslandi. 
“Proof of what these much underrated writers are capable of producing when at their best.”Peter Tennant. 

“Maynard and Sims revitalize the traditional thrills of haunted houses, ghosts, and witches by emphasizing the psychological turmoil of character’s minds.” Cemetery Dance. 


They are all around us all the time. But only a few make contact, and only certain people are destined to see the Ghosts. Here, you'll read a lonely shade's tale... a deceased old man's house being invaded... how one person discovers the true meaning of the Christmas spirit, while a parent struggles to come to terms with the sad loss of a child... and what happens when the ghosts of war go on the rampage, or when a monstrous wraith stalks the streets looking for revenge. Gathering together all of award-winning and bestselling author Paul Kane's supernatural fiction, including three brand new stories-one a sequel to Charles Dickens' 'The Signal-Man'-and featuring an introduction from bestselling horror author Nancy Kilpatrick (Power of the Blood World series), the script of Wind Chimes introduced by its director Brad Watson (7th Dimension), plus suitably atmospheric cover art from Edward Miller, this is one collection that will haunt you.

The 3rd Spectral Book of Horror Stories

Twenty-two tales that will keep you up long past the midnight hour and will etch fear into your very being.

"The storm went on for hours. I sped up, trying to outpace it. The thing that followed us, everywhere we went. I wasn't sure if it was a judgment, if God or somebody was trying to punish us for what we did. Or—and maybe this was worse—it was just like what my sister said, in her messages. About the world coming apart."